Follow the Green Brick Road

I scored 0-8 points.

Okay, so you may have some work to do. But the fact that you took this quiz means that you are interested in giving this lifestyle a shot! My best advice is not to take on everything at once! You want to make changes that are "sustainable" within your life style (get it?).

Your next steps:

- politely refuse straws when eating out

- invest in some reusable produce bags to use when grocery shopping

- use a travel mug when buying a drink outside of the house

You got this!

Hurray! Hurray! You're on your way!

I scored 9-16 points.

You've obviously made an effort to lessen your impact on our planet! Give yourself a huge pat on the back right now! At this point, it's likely that sometime like time, money, or motivation is holding you back from making more changes. Completely understandable!

Your next steps:

- watch "A Plastic Ocean" on Netflix or YouTube

- do a bulk shop using your own containers and make a financial comparison to see if you are saving money (e-mail me with more questions if needed)

- declutter your e-mail inbox from all unwanted e-mails (time saver in the long run)

I believe in you!

Living la vida Low Waste

I scored 17-24 points.

Amazing! I am so grateful (and so is our planet) for all of the efforts you are making! You've got this low waste lifestyle down to an art and just need to tweak a few things here and there! 

Your next steps:

- Write a letter to one corporation that can afford to make a change for the environment

- Find ways to properly dispose of unused/unwanted items that are preventing you from being as low waste as you like (women's shelter, Terracycle, special recycling programs)

- Spread the word! Make polite suggestions to friends, set a good example through your actions, and explain to people why you are doing what you are doing.

Keep nailing it!

Why hello Bea Johnson!

I scored 25+ points!

You are my idol and as incredible as the founder of the zero waste movement. Are you vegan? I bet you're vegan. Keep on truckin' and spreading the good word! We need more people like you in the world!

Your next steps:

- Teach me everything you know and tell the world what you are doing!